untitled 2012

minna!hisashiburi~!!haaaah….after weeks of hiatus,at last i got chance to update my blog.i guess i haven’t update anything about 3 weeks.ngee~~~i was so busy with examination and assignments.

so..what’s the topic today???

ermmm….let’s see..eto~~~~nope!i don’t know what i should write today but i really want to write something. i think my skill of writing has gotten bad,obviously cause i didn’t write anything for weeks.

ok. let’s start with New Year.i didn’t wish yet but i hope it’s not too late for me to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR for you guys!!AKEMASHITE OMEDETOU!!!

and..AKB stuff. i’ll post them later;news,members and so on.

one more thing, i want to make a change in my blog.hehehe….

ok. enough for now.jaa!



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