When AKB is going global…

When AKB is going global…what do you think?

i’m not sure if AKB is really going global but i can see this happening. they held their concert in USA. they already built a theater,shop,cafe in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Not only that, their sister group, JKT48 (Indonesia based) have been launched. They also have their own Internet Service Provider. This week, they announced their project with Google+, opening their fanclub and just now i read, AKB sets up email for fans to report any rule/trouble violation at handshake event.

it’s remind me about an interview with AKB producer, Akimoto Yasushi(Aki-p). he said that he want AKB going global. he want to create a 48 group outside Japan. at that time, i think it was impossible. J-idol is different from any other countries.

but, i’m totally wrong. one after another, he proves it. but..with all these stuff, can AKB maintain their ‘Idols you can meet’ concept? they have a lot of works and some members have outside job such as modeling, acting and solo debut.

perhaps.i think it is hard for them to be like before. some members are absent from stage and event. but..i think they are still an ‘idols you can meet’ but with different colours. if you can’t meet them at concert/stage, you still can interact with them in Google+. you can visit their cafe and shop with your friends. for overseas fans, you can watch their theater perf in singapore. you can have your oshimen name in your email address since they provided internet service and you can join AKB fanclub!

there are many ways you can meet them. but still, the best way is by attending their handshake event and watching their stage. i hope i can meet them one day.

so, what do you think when AKB is going global? will they success?

i remember a phrase from Takamina in AKB’s documentary, she said ” no matter how big they become, they are still 250-seats AKB48.”

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