Girl of The Week : Takajo Aki(Akicha) and Kuramochi Asuka(Mocchii)

This week, it’ll be different from other post because i’ll introduce you two members; Takajo Aki and Kuramochi Asuka.

From left:Kuramochi Asuka,Kashiwagi Yuki and Takajo Aki

Takajo Aki

  She was a 6th Generation Kenkyuusei and in December 2008, she got promoted to Team A, the fastest Kenkyuusei to be promoted to a team.

She involved in AKB sub-unit, French Kiss and Team PB.

Kuramochi Asuka

Kuramochi Asuka a.k.a Mocchii is also being in Team A and was a 4th Generation Kenkyuusei. Originally, she was promoted to Team K but during team shuffle, she was transferred to Team A. Her father, Kuramochi Akira is former baseball player.

She is a part of Team YJ and French Kiss.

Both Akicha and Mocchii are French Kiss member together with Kashiwagi Yuki.

*I cannot find any good picture of them so i just put FK cover since i like Akicha’s hair!!

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