AKB48 25th single will be released on 15/02/2012!!

it’s confirmed that AKB48 25th single will released next year on February 15th!! The title is yet to be announced but i think it will be a Sakura theme just like previous years. okay,okay. that’s not the point actually. what i want to highlight here is you see the date,right??? the green one that i highlighted. actually, that will be my BIRTHDAY!! i’m getting excited with this news!!!! i love you Aki-p for choosing this date and i hope you don’t change it… onegai~*puppy eyes* 

since it will be released on my birthday, i will buy it for sure! (i still buy it if it doesn’t releases on that day)..i need to save my money from now on.

about the concept, i’m not sure. i do love sakura-things released by AKB but for two years in row, it is ballad. for other singles, i hope Aki-p will do different things. please,don’t be same as this year.

anyway, i’m looking towards this single and their upcoming single, Ue Kara Mariko! i can’t say much about Janken single because the senbatsu is different but for me, i love Ue Kara Mariko!

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