Girl of The Week : Minegishi Minami(Miichan)

Last time, i introduced you about Tomochin and now, i’ll introduce you about this girl!

Minegishi Minami a.k.a Miichan!

she’s not my fav member but…sometimes, she’s got my attention especially in AKBingo!.(she’s really funny!)

actually, she is one of the first three members in AKB48 that i knew back in 2010 when i started to know about AKB. the other two are Kojima Haruna and Takahashi Minami. okay, maybe you can guest how i knew them. hehe…Ikemen Idol(Mendol). that was the turning point. currently, she being in Team K.

what i want to highlight about her is HARDWORK. Yup! I think this is the most suitable to describe her. She is hard working and always give her best to accomplish anything. One example is, when she have to do backflip during her performance for No Sleeves promotion. she didn’t know how to do it, in other words, she cannot do it. but, she practiced and tried her best to do the backflip. of course, she did cry at that time..

at the end, she still do it with helping from other staff . even though she cannot do it perfectly, she still tried her best to accomplish it.

not only that, she volunteered herself to replace Takamina for a challenge since Takamina cannot do it. i think, she is a kind person and always cheerful in the group.

i cannot find any good OPV about her but i like this one..^^

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