Girl of The Week : Itano Tomomi(Tomochin)

This week, i’ll introduce you about Itano Tomomi a.k.a Tomochin.

i’m sure most of AKB fans know her. she is one of the front girl and she is called ‘fashion leader’ in the group.

She originally in Team A but then was transferred to Team K. for me, there is nothing special about her except for her cute, sweet and adorable face + her charm point. she is cute!seriously!

Aside from being an idol, she also doing modeling. She appeared in some magazines such as Young Magazine, ViVi and Cawaii!.

similar to Acchan, Tomochin released her solo debut single ‘Dear J’ in January, 2011 and her second single, ‘Fui ni’ in July, 2011.

in 2010, Tomochin, together with Kasai Tomomi, formed a sub-unit as Queen & Elizabeth and released a single  ‘Love Wars’ in March, 2010. The song is used in one episode of Kamen Rider Double series where they played in the series as Queen and Elizabeth.

she also a part of Team Dragon from AKB48. besides, she appeared in May’s I Love You Ienakute PV.

since her popularity is quite large, she ranked 4th in 2nd Senbatsu Election but she cannot maintained her position in 3rd Senbatsu Election where she dropped to 8th.

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