Listen to AKB48’s Ue Kara Mariko PV preview!!

it’s out!it’s out!hehehe…the preview is out!for those who are wondering what kind of PV for this single, let’s check it out!!ah,make sure you watch it quickly because it will be removed just in time.

so,what do you think????me????honestly,I LOVE IT!!!!IT’S SO KAWAII~~~!!LOVE MARIKO-SAMA AND THIS SENBATSU!

even it is weird without Acchan, i think this PV is really kick off!especially the outfit that Mariko wear.don’t you think so??the pv colourful and the mood is cheerful. and the song….kyaa!!!atashi wa daisuki!!

i can hear it clearly..”Ue kara mariko..”

i’m glad that i ordered this single.and…the covers.

Type A

Type K

Type B

those covers are awesome!!i love B cover but i’m gonna get A though.hehehe…

i hope it will sell better than KazeFu.

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