AKB48 now becomes internet provider+make babies with them??!!

yes.it’s true after all. AKB48 now  becomes an internet provider and you can even make babies with them..question is..HOW??

okay. launched on 1st November 2011, AKB Official Net is the official internet provider which feature many services and one of them is AKBaby. This service allows you to produce a baby with AKB members. you just have to submit your own photo and merge it with AKB member’s photo to produce your baby.

but, keep in mind that it’s not free.hehehe…~$19 USD/1480 Yen per month, you can enjoy all the available services:get an AKB48 email address, exclusive tickets to AKB’s theater,concert and also free registration to AKB48 official fanclub.

but, it is worth,isn’t it???i want to be the member but..i don’t have $$$ to pay for each month.

i guess, this is the weirdest marketing strategy but the most genius from Aki-p. he sure knows how to keep AKB’s popularity for a long time and make AKB everywhere.

what do you think about this service??let me know!!

One thought on “AKB48 now becomes internet provider+make babies with them??!!

  1. you got be liking kidding me really? REAlly?! REALLY?!?.

    that it so messed-up in many ways really don’t ask just really forget it yEA Let Us Never Speak of This Again.

    OVERALL WORST IDEA EVER besides only those “wacky” fans would do that.

    & besides only female i want is the Lacus

    yea worst thing come-up with yea this is so WRONG.

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