AKB48’s Janken single is named after Mariko=graduation??

it’s confirmed that the Janken single is named after the winner “Ue Kara Mariko”. as you can see, there is a name of the member which is belong to Shinoda Mariko in the title. one thing that comes into my mind is->”graduation”. whether it’ll be a graduation single or not, i’m not sure. but for most people, i think they feel the same as me.but, at the same time, i think graduation is quite impossible.why?

okay, let’s do some analysis.

first, we know that she’s already 25 and there is possibility to graduate  and get promoted to SDN48. but, don’t forget that SDN will be disbanding next year so, to get promoted to SDN is impossible unless the management want to form a new SDN48 or group.

second, she often absent from the team’s stage and get many solo activities such as modeling and acting.

third, this is the first AKB’s single named after the member. eventhough there are some songs mentioned the member’s name such as Mayu no Tame ni, using Mariko’s name as the single title is quite surprising. why don’t Aki-p used Ucchi’s name for Janken single before??erm…i have no answer for that.

so, what’s make graduation is impossible?

no specific answer actually. but, looking for AKB’s popularity i think Aki-p himself don’t want Shinoda to graduate…

Hey!!she is one of the most popular member and you want to let her go??!!! uso deshou??!!

yeap!!Mariko-sama is quite something to AKB. She is one of the Lucky 7 and the most senpai in the group. even her story when she joined AKB was epic!you can read my post about her here. it’s not that i cannot accept her graduation(if it it true) because i know someday, she will leave AKB but AKB without her is just..

i respect her because until now, she still with AKB eventhough people keep questioning about her age.

and..put member’s name in the single doesn’t mean there is a graduation. maybe Aki-p just want to create a gimmick to the fans as a part of his marketing strategies. or maybe, this single is truly dedicated to Mariko-sama.

and the last one, “Mariko” is not written is Kanji, so…maybe….it’s not about her..^^


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