Girl of The Week : Takahashi Minami(Takamina)

This week, i’ll bring you with our leader, TAKAHASHI MINAMI aka TAKAMINA!!

actually, she’s not the official leader and i think there is no leader in AKB except for the Team. but…we can consider Takamina is the unofficial leader since she will be the one who will shout “AKB!!!” in River and “In Your,Position.SET!!” in Beginner at the beginning of the song, become the MC in almost AKB’s events and as the representative of the group’s overseas activities/events.

Takamina is one of the early members in AKB and she is the very first generation in the group. She is in Team A and the leader of the team.  Takamina joined AKB in 2005 after she passed the auditioned and according to AKB48 Theater Manager, Tomonobu Togasaki the only reason that assisted her to pass the audition was her birthday ( 8/4) and her height (148). Both are related to AKB48.

Before that, she tried her luck in The 30th HoriPro Talent Contest in the same year where Akimoto Yasushi was one of the judges and she competed as one of the 15 final candidates but she did not win the grand prize. At the contest, she got the loudest applause and she was the only girl who didn’t cry when the winner was announced.

She is very popular with her ‘failing stories’ and quite dorky but even so, she is very dedicated to AKB and she care of the members especially when they are down. Even though her ranking is not good in the Election, she still do her best in AKB and that’s why i respect her so much.

Aside from that, Takamina also appeared in some doramas and one of them is Ikemen Idol(Mendol) along with Kojima Haruna and Minegishi Minami. This is where i started to know AKB.

Similar to some members, she also become a part of AKB’s unit such as No3b and Team Dragon.

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