Girl of The Week : Shinoda Mariko(Mariko-san)

This week, i’ll introduce you about Shinoda Mariko.

she is the oldest member in AKB48(25) and one of the seniors in the group. Her story on how she become  one of the members is quite interesting.

at first, she failed in the audition to be one of the founding members of the group. Later, she was working at a cafe(before it was renamed as AKB48 Theater) as a staff. But, she was really popular among fans who visiting the theater and she won a popularity poll voted by fans.

Then, Akimoto Yasushi(AKB’s Producer) gave her permission to join AKB48 but with some conditions.

she need to remember and perform all 12 songs and choreographies performed at the theater within 4 days.

indeed, she was able to memorize them and she made her debut after that.

in 2011, she won AKB48 Janken Tournament and will be a center for AKB48 24th single which is to be released in December 2011.

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