Yamapi and Ryo leaving NEWS?!

SHOCK!!Yamapi and Ryo leaving NEWS!!

no.i’m not kidding.it is true.

of course i’m shock! i don’t believe it at first until i read the news.

no wonder it become a trend in twitter.

ah~~eventhough i’m not a big fan of them but i still love them as a group.

watching them as NEWS and listen to their songs and now this happened.

according to the news, Yamapi left the group to go solo and Ryo will continue his activities in Kanjani8.

i know this shocking news will make NEWS fans sad but please,be strong.

i hope we can support the other members as well as Yamapi and Ryo for their decision.

please don’t hate Ryo and Yamapi and pray for their success.

to all NEWS fans, keep supporting NEWS as FOUR.

i left you with this video.(watching this make me sad..T_T)

5 thoughts on “Yamapi and Ryo leaving NEWS?!

  1. i think Yamapi’s abilities were limited in NEWS.. i believe he will do more than well right now.. but gotta admit.. am gonna miss them as a group..

    am jst worried abt Shige.. XD.. sorry but i dont think he got the singer’s traits.. plus his personality is so weak..

  2. I just found out about this and my heart is broken!!! I just can’t believe it and I have to say I feel a bit betrayed by them because when Jin left Kat Tun I didn’t feel a thing because Jin was never really a part of the group and he was always so freaking serious and almost ‘annoyed’ when they were in an interview or whatever but News always seemed to be so good together, I always thought they would stop activities for maybe two years for everyone to have solo projects and stuff and then they would come back with a series of shows and maybe a single and then they could return to their solo stuff… I just don’t understand why they have to break up!!!! L’arc en ciel spends more that two or three years apart (Hyde has another group) and then they come back together, specially because of all the years they’ve been together (it’s almost ridiculous to break up a band that’s been together for 20 years) specially when the members do get along…
    well the same I have to say about news! why breaking up? come on guys!!!! what about smap???? they’ve been together forever and Kimura Takuya has had the best career so far, specially when it comes to acting and he could had gone solo and could have broken the group up but they are still together and it’s going to be MORE than 20 years now… that’s commitment to the group, to your ‘so called friends’, to the fans and to the musical industry as well, because for a ‘boy band’ to be together for so long is really something else, specially when it comes to ‘pop’ and the believe that it doesn’t last long…. well, I love Yamapi…. but you know what? I loved him a lot more when he was with news!!! why the hell did they come back last year???… at least they could have announced that it was a farewell tour and we could all have been prepared but to see them together… even nowadays in magazines and to hear this announcement is just cruel… I’m very angry!!! I hope Yamapi and Ryo think this over and agree to get together at least once every three year… It doesn’t cost them anything and for the fans it would be so precious…
    well, one last thing, all of the sudden Ryo can’t handle two groups???? Seriously???? that’s just ridiculous… He’s been with both of them from the beginning almost 10 years ago!!!!!!!!!!! at least he should be honest and say he was in news because of yamapi and that he left because of him too!!!!! I’m sorry I’m writing a lot but i’m sooo angry…
    I love solo Yamapi!!! His solo concert is my favourite…. the way he moves and the way he sings (though he should train his voice a bit more)… but News latest tour was awesome too…. so I’m really sad and angry…. they should have told the fans last year but knowing how johnnys works, I’m pretty sure yamapi was forced to do a last tour with news before leaving (like Jin was ‘forced’ to be in kat tun for a long time, before he could be ‘granted’ his freedom)… I love JE groups and when you see videos of today’s idols when they were 14 years old…. well… kawaii is not even enough to describe it… but to know all of the pressure and whatever else Johnnys does with them… well, I’m starting to really be angry at them… this is just awful and when people say they saw this coming, well i have to say ‘i didn’t!!!!!!’… yamapi was always so generous with news and his friend but to do exactly what Jin did is just so out of character… i know he’s not a saint but he’s not like Jin either (or i hope he isn’t like him…. i don’t want to read or hear yamapi bashing his former companions… that would be awful….) i’m sorry if some of jin’s fans read this, i’m really not trying to bash him… I don’t like his personality but i RESPECT his talent and about all else his fans who have also been bashed by a lot of other fandom and i think that’s awful… so i hope you don’t get mad about what i said about him… I just think yamapi is different … and i’m sad.. i hope you all understand that… my life hasn’t been going so well lately and this has just made it worst… i hope yama and ryo knows how much they are hurting the fans… we, the fans, weren’t even asking for them to release records and always ‘be together’… with just a tiny concert every now and then they could have made us happy… now we are all sad… i didn’t expect yamapi to be so inconsiderate to his fans… i love him and gonna continue loving him but he should have announced he was leaving news when he release his solo album… …. …. last year was just TOO CRUEL!!! JOHNNY’S IS JUST TOO CRUEL – – – – sorry for my english, i’m Argentinean

    • i know how you feel..me too.when i heard about this, i was totally surprised and i thought it just a rumours but in the end, it’s true.but i don’t want to bash other people or hate yamapi or ryo..i think they cannot give full commitment to the group and it’s better for them to leave NEWS.ryo is busy with Kanjani8 but maybe, what u said is true.he might left NEWS because of yamapi. and for yamapi, i know that he want to go solo for a long time so it’s not surprising if he took this decision..

  3. I just re-read my previous message and when I said ‘I was angry at them’, I meant at Johnny’s and everyone else in that company who manages these guys’ future and they way they sometimes ‘force’ these guys to do what they don’t want to do… I could never be angry at Tomo or Ryo… I love them so much! … Yesterday I was really shocked! I know I found out late but it was really a shock to me… I’m gonna send postcards to all of them telling them I support them (Tomo, Ryo and News)… This was obviously not easy for them and we, the fans, shouldn’t make it even harder…. jejeje, I know, I was a bit harsh yesterday… Sorry about that…. I read some of Yamapi’s messages and it made me sad that he was apologizing for making the fans sad … I guess it’s difficult for all of us… All we can do is wait like we did with kat tun and his amazing come back without jin or like Jin’s fans who waited for his solo releases and there has been a lot about him and I hope Yamapi releases a lot of things too… I also wanna start listening to kanjani8. I never really did but I will definitely do, not only because of Ryo but this is also a band who’s been together for a long time too… I remember Ryo and kanjani8 on Dream boys and I really liked them but never really hear anything else… But I promise I will, ryo-chan 😉

    one last thing. I don’t think ‘Johnny’s’ is a big ‘bad guy’ who ‘torture’ these guys… jejeje… I don’t want people to think that either… JE train these boys since they are very young and they do everything to make them famous and of course johnny has discovered most of the best guys in the world who are not only great performers but also are the leading actors in most of Japanese doramas and they aren’t just a pretty face, they do act and very well, so I’m very THANKFUL to JE. I also know these guys sign contracts that have stipulations and some of them include numbers of singles, albums or concerts they need to do before they can leave … So, today I could never be angry at JE either… I wanted to write this because yesterday I was crying and sad and some of the stuff I wrote were not only a bit harsh but also not my ‘true’ feelings…

    I wanna end this THANKING NEWS FOR MAKING ME SO HAPPY ALL OF THESE YEARS! — I’m crying again but I’m not sad… I won’t make Tomo feel worst… He definitely doesn’t make sad with his decision… girls sometimes cry… We all are so fragile when it comes to tears…. … But I’m not sad, Yamashita-san…. yakusoku! 🙂


    Thanks for giving me a space to vent my thoughts… Yesterday all I could think was that moment in ‘live live live’ when tomo hugged shigue and ryo hugged massu and how that was over and I really thought I was going to cry forever but while i was writing what I wrote yesterday i realised I began healing and today I know I’ll get better… I going to miss NEWS with 6 members but I’m looking forward to the future for all of them… Thanks again…

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