Korean vocaloid vs Japanese Vocaloid

okay..i just read about this thing today and my first impression is..(i’m not gonna say it)..

first of all, do u know what is vocaloid?? it’s okay if you never heard about it but after this, you’ll get some ideas about vocaloid. i’m not gonna tell you the definition or the meaning of vocaloid but i just wanna show you about something.

some of you might know about vocaloid and i think, most of Jpop fans know about it too. vocaloid is widely-known in Jpop culture such as Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Kagamine Rin/Kagamine Len, Meiko and they already have their own fandom not only in Japan but also around the world. Hatsune Miku for example, already had her own concert in US last July.

but, i never thought that Korea will have their own vocaloid too until i saw this. personally i don’t like it. maybe, i know that vocaloid is from Japan so it’s weird when i heard about this. The korean one is SeeU. yup! that’s her name. from what ive read, there are lots of criticisms on SeeU. Mostly about her singing ability. SeeU’s voice had been blended together with human voice and thus, hid any robotic results on her voice. Some said that her true voice is quite flat.

so far, i still prefer Japanese vocaloids. but i hope it will not be another copycat of Japan from Korea. but still, i’ll give me sometimes to listen to her song.

ah,before i forget… these are some videos about vocaloids and SeeU. hope u’ll enjoying it!!


Hatsune Miku-Ai Kotoba

Kagamine Rin&Miku-Promise


2 thoughts on “Korean vocaloid vs Japanese Vocaloid

  1. But Seeu also sings in Japanese too, so that makes her a bilingual vocaloid. And although I agree that her voice sucks, the demo was good, which means she can still sings great they know how to make it so.

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