Girl of The Week : Kashiwagi Yuki(Yukirin)


 She is Kashiwagi Yuki and her nickname is Yukirin.  she is one of my fav members in AKB .

i started to know about Yukirin when i watched Majisuka Gakuen Season 1. yup! that was an AKB48’s drama.

she is the leader for Team B. before she become a part of AKB family, she had an auditioned for Morning Musume 8th Generation but she was rejected.

Yukirin is one of the famous members and it was proven during the 3rd Senbatsu General Election last June. she ranked 3 during the election.

for me, Yukirin is really funny because of her reaction but sometimes she will show you her ‘dark’ side. that’s why some of the members called her ‘Reaction Queen’ and ‘Burakku(Black)’.

Yukirin is also one of the members for AKB’s sub units:French Kiss and Team Dragon.

aside from doing AKB’s job, she is also a weather caster for TBS and she got a chance to become one of the casts in Hana Kimi Remake 2011.

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