Full PV of AKB48’s Kaze wa Fuiteiru

Finally, AKB48 releases full PV for their upcoming single, Kaze wa Fuiteiru. i just watched the PV and i love the song! for those who doesn’t like AKB’s songs such as Ponytail to Shushu or Heavy Rotation, i think this song might be work on you.

please spend some of your time to listen to this song because it is really different from their previous single. urm…it’s like their stage songs, i think. well, not all of you have listened to their stage songs but you have to give a chance to this group.

about the pv, i think there might be another pv since this pv just show the members dancing. when you watch this pv, you must be wondering why they are wearing some weird flowers on their head.well, it is a symbolic on funeral. this song is dedicated to the japanese victims of tsunami and typhoon.

anyway, congrats on AKB because they will releases a great stuff like this.at least, this will show another good thing about AKB.thumbs up!

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