the day has come!!

today, for the first time ever in my life, i’ve decided to buy AKB48 single.

yup!!this is my first time. act, i’ve thought about buying AKB’s cd long time ago. back then, i don’t have money and any income so i just kept that feeling until today.

so, where did i get the money?? hahaha…it’s from my PTPTN. a loan. i got the loan when i’ve got an offer to further my studies.

anyway, i’m so happy and excited because my wish is almost granted. i just need to wait until December to got my copies.

ah,,i forgot to mention that i ordered AKB 24th single.’s a Janken single and it is First Press. it will be ‘Maeda’less.

i’m not her antis but i’m really looking toward it. a single without her is a big history of AKB.

about the single, i think it’s not cheap anyway. since i’ve paid for the order, i know that some of the fans out there would feel the same thing as i am. haters always badmouthing about wota who bought bulks of cds. but, keep in mind that it’s not cheap. i just ordered one copy because it’s quite expensive. so, only some people will have the courage to spend more that $50 just to get more than one copies.

this is my first time and i plan to buy another single. erm..maybe the one that include handshake long as i have some money, i’ll try to buy their single to show my support as a fan.

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