Shinoda Mariko as the center

first of all,omedetou to Shinoda-san over her victory in Janken Tournament. looking at the result, we know that Acchan will not be in the Senbatsu line. the question’ll be the single without Acchan??

let’s leave the question. i think this result is really interesting because we will see the most senior and oldest member of AKB48 will be the center for their 24th single.

i never imagined that Shinoda will be able to win in this tournament. and to be honest, i’m really excited over it.

i hope this single will be different from others because it is Shinoda center. it is RARE!

plus…she is the oldest member. she already talked to Aki-p about the single. she hope that the single will make everyone glow.

i don’t know how Aki-p will make it but i hope Aki-p will put his best effort on that single and of course, another record!

let’s us fans see how this single will be!!

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