AKB’s related news

recently, there are so many controversial news about AKB and groups related to them. just..what is it?

ahh~~~..so many things happened.

first, a member of NMB48, Shimada Rena shocked fans when her purikura taken with her boyfriend got leaked. and some rumors said that her bf insulted wotas and talked about condom(i don’t know it is true or not). about the purikura, act it was taken before she auditioned with NMB.

and now, she have made her decision to suspend her activities from NMB.

second, two members of Team 4 proposed a suspension and retire from the group. Ooba Mina and Mori Anna.

Both of them has caused a problem few months ago. Ooba said she was drinking sake while still underage. In Mori Anna’s case, she was said to have a bf while she was a research student and continued to see him when she was promoted to Team 4.

As a result, Ooba want to resign from being a captain of Team 4 and Mori want to retire.

ok. enough with that. i’ll continue with the latest news that will bring a positive side of them. ^^

it’s already announced that AKB’s sequel game of AKB 1/48 Idol to Koishitara..  will be released on 6th of October.

not only that, AKB Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2012  had been confirmed to be held on 19-22 Jan at Tokyo Dome City. it is different from previous year where they held it at Shibuya AX. Fans can vote on 25/10-30/11. stay tuned for the voting process announcement.

after 2 weeks AKB’s 22nd single released, it was announced that 23rd single will have the title Kaze wa Fuiteru. erm…i don’t have any ideas about what kind of songs it would be but i’m really looking forward it!

that’s my report today. eventho i’m bit disappointed about what happened to the members, i hope that something good will come out from it. i hope they will learn from their mistakes and become a good idol.

i am so excited about the request setlist and the upcoming single. if i have a chance, i want to vote for the song. i want to be a part of them even i cannot go to Japan to see their performance. how about you guys??do you feel the same??

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