24/7 and Gula-gula, Malaysian First Kpop group ever:Update

Remember the last post about them?? About these two groups, 24/7 and Gula-gula..

Now, i wanna bring you guys to listen to their song!Please enjoy it!!^^

Presenting you, Suka Gitu from Gula-gula!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And…24/7, Max!!!!!!!(i’m not sure if this is the title..hehehe)

Finish??what do you think about their song?Good or not?

i have some messages to them..

Dear 24/7 and Gula-gula,

first of all, never mention you are K-pop group in Malaysia or any country if your music like that. you know what, i think the music is like the one  in disco or club. you should come up with high level of music since you stated that you are first Kpop group in Malaysia. if not, you should never saying it in a first place.

second, your choreography are not synchronize. sometimes, it looks like a marching band and for Gula-gula,are copying some Kpop groups choreo’s?

anyway, please improve yourself so that you will not humiliate yourself.

4 thoughts on “24/7 and Gula-gula, Malaysian First Kpop group ever:Update

  1. Yeah, I think both groups need to clean themselves up a little and do their own thing. Instead of trying to be a Malaysian Kpop band, they should try to be a Malaysian band that’s good. Instead of hopping on the Hallyu bandwagon I think they should make their own.

    That being said, I don’t think either of those groups are really ready to debut either.
    The girls’ choreography was off, and the boys need to fix their image (one of them looks scary, and not in a good way)

  2. This is ridiculous.

    Firstly, you ain’t no k-pop group unless you’re a group from Korean Entertainments/Hallyu. Or, you can at least sing Korean songs, those aint no Korean lyrics, if they are, you need major improvement on your pronunciations.
    Secondly, if you consider yourselves artists, please don’t make a fool of yourselves, trying to imitate others’ choreography. Understand how much effort the choreographers used to choreograph theses dances. (You might just get sued too :D)
    Thirdly, it’s an embarrassment to Malaysians, please do not bring down other Malaysian’s reputation for your own interests. (And the World would look down on Malaysians, you don’t care, we do)
    Next, if you continue calling yourselves a Malaysian K-pop band, you’ll only be gaining anti-fans. Take note of that. Anti fans not only from one nation but around the Earth.
    Lastly, don’t take things for granted and start thinking. Don’t live lives of misery. Get a job, maybe.

    *No, it’s not personal. Comments are just based on observations and judged with objectivity.*

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