Hatsune Miku

Lately, i’m getting into Hatsune Miku. A name that is not human but only an application and a software made by human. don’t ask me about her because i don’t know much about her but what i know is Hatsune Miku can singing and dancing and her songs is good to listen to!i like her songs.it is really addicting especially ievan Polkka. Even though it is not her original song but she can sing it perfectly and i really like that song.

How do i get into her?When i watch her concert in youtube via Tokyohive.Anyway, thanks to TH because of the news.^_^

For those who still don’t know about this Miku, please watch her videos and i’m sure you’ll smile after listening to her songs.i’m not saying you will like Hatsune Miku but seriously you will enjoy it.

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