Malaysian first Kpop group ever??

Have you ever heard about 24:7 and Gula-gula???Do you want to know about them? Okay, let’s check this out!!

i’ve never heard about these groups until my friends post it on FB wall. Then, i did some search about them. As i mentioned on the title above, they said that they are the very first Malaysian Kpop Group based on…their music?style? or what? i don’t really know..

To be honest, i’m not a kpop fan but i want to give my personal opinion on them..

1. Are they korean-looking??

Based on their clothing, styles and appearance, i know they want to be like Kpop groups out there. Pity on them. They cannot be like them because they are not Korean especially for they boys. What it your first impression after you look at their face?? i’m not humiliating them for their looking but i just want to say that they are not suitable for this appearance.

2. Cuteness…

Do you think it is cute? i think they are pretend to be cute.

3. The name

GULA-GULA and 24:7. Don’t you think it is a bit similar like some kpop group? Maybe 2PM or Girls Generation or Wonder Girls??

i don’t care if they are fans of Kpop and want to be like them but please…do not copying everything. They are Korean and you are Malaysian. Some of their culture are not suitable in Malaysia. You can produce or make a song inspired from Kpop but make sure you have your own identity. Sometimes, things are not suit with us.

10 thoughts on “Malaysian first Kpop group ever??

  1. OMG…at last i found them…puke straight away -.-” I am kpop lover, i also enjoyed some of Malaysian Music scene, balads, pop…but these two, truly unacceptable…

  2. i’m malaysian and i’m a kpop fan..a lot of malaysian been bashing these group…truly hate them…these kpop wannabe are truly unacceptable..who they think they are???

  3. perrrghhh , bajet cun ngn ncem btol diorg ni .
    ak malu gla org malaysia jd cmni , we have our own identity de .. yg korang nk tiru sgt pehal
    industri muzik tanah air kta x cukup bagus ke yg korang perlu tiru cara pakaian ngn culture org sana ,
    ak bkn nk kutuk d bulan posa ni . tp trus menyirap darah ak tgok diorang
    papa un , ak nk mnx maaf kalo da fanz diorang yg trasa ngn ak .. ak just bg pndpt je

  4. No offence to them but… The boys look like drug addicts. I almost puked when I read of this last year. Shames me as a Malaysian to see such wannabes and copycats. The genre is called Korean-Pop for a reason. They come from Korea, not Malaysia. It is not the clothing or style that makes it K-Pop so I do not know what sense are they considering themselves to be K-Pop.

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