Next stop, HKT48??

I’ve been thinking whole time on what should i write in my entry about Jpop and now i’ve got it. But again, about AKB48.hehehe…

If you’re a fan of AKB48, you should know that their producer, Akimoto Yasushi will form HKT48, another sister group for AKB48 and in Fukuoka. HKT is shortened for HAKATA.

As a fan, what do you think??And for those who are not their fan, i think you must be annoying with these 48’s things. don’t worry, i’ll not getting anger.

First of all, my thought is, “What?Another 48?!” when i read the news.

As a fan, sometimes i think Aki-p is just too much because he should focus on NMB48, who just made their debut few months ago and haven’t released a single yet. And what about AKB,SKE and SDN and now he want to make another 48 group?!


Let’s think together what is his intention actually? What is his plan for them?

When i rethink about it, i think there are some reasons behind it which is i don’t know it is true or not.

For me, Aki-p is a music genius because of his idea to introduce his concept, ‘Idol you can meet’ is unexpectedly success. To produce one group from 48 person is not easy, actually.

And of course, he’s not that stupid to not know what he’s doing.

One of the reason is, maybe he want to expand his empire to get more money since his experiment for AKB48 and SKE48 is success. SDN48 is on the way. Logically, people can become greedy once his/her attempt is success especially in bussiness.

Aki-p may use this opportunity to accumulate his wealth because AKB48 is really popular right now and he know that it will not last forever. So, why must he let the chance slip by?

Next, i think he want to make 48’s thing as a label/brand. He want to expand this label worldwide,maybe. i think he has planned this for years and now he want to make it for real. Or, he want to make something that we never imagine it. To make more than one group that have 48 members is ridiculous and it is costly bussiness. And i’m sure he already have some plans for these groups for future.i’m sure he knew that some people will get annoyed on his idea but still he create another group. That’s why i think he have some plan that he want to achieve.

Whatever it is, i wish him good luck. As a fan, i’ll support them.

What do you guys think about it??

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