Special thanks to my friends!!


i’ll remember this date. why?erm..because…this is the date when i had finished my study in Kedah Matriculation College!!*party!party!*

after one year, at last i can say goodbye to my beloved…KMK???

hehehe…just kidding.

okay, straight to point. yes, i am ex-KMK now. To be honest, i’m happy that i had finished my study there but at the same time, i’m a bit sad as i have to leave my friends especially my roommates. We’re getting along well and always do things together.

Fitriah, Norizan and Nadira, thanks for being my friends. ^^

i want to take this chance to say thank you and sorry if i have did anything bad for u guys. Gomen nasai!

I hope we will meet again someday!!!

One thought on “Special thanks to my friends!!

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