Nuclear crisis in Japan

As I write this post, the situation in Japan is getting worse. One week after the great earthquake followed by tsunami, Japanese people have to struggle with nuclear crisis after they experienced it in WW II for the first time.

The govt have to deal with the pressure from Western countries as they said Japan’s govt failed to handle the crisis properly. On my view, I think no one should be blame at this critical time. It is true that the govt still hiding some important information to the citizen and media but we have to know there are some people that do their very best to avoid the leakage of the radiation.

Out from 800 workers, 50 of them have to stay and they have been given a very challenging task to cool the reactor. Imagine that if we are in their place. They carry more than a million lives on their shoulder, not only in Japan but also in other countries. In exchange, they risking their own life. Been exposed to the radiation, they are the one who will get the most radiation. And now, they are working day and night and try many possible ways to stop the leakage.

Not only that, the rescue team still searching for the body and the survivors in the blizzard. They have family but now, they need to leave it to search for the victim. I hate it when people blame others as if they are good. Everyone now in Japan are struggling to live without water, food, electricity, energy and in the cold night especially the victims but we are still want to blame others for the disaster.

Try to imagine if you experience it by yourself. Easier said than done. There are many things to considered. One mistake and it will lead to other catastrophe. We might not be able to help them much but as a human, we must have some humanity in ourself. We have to support them to keep living whithout giving up, the keep looking forward without turning back and pray for them so that their spirit will not go away.

At this moment, all they need is support. We can support them with many ways. Do as we should so that we’re not be alone if we facing the difficulties.

*Dedicated to all selfish people*

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