Japan earthquake:The biggest in its history

It takes me a long time to decide whether i should write about this or not. After a long time i didn’t update my blog for some reason..
I knew about the quake yesterday when my brother told me about what’s going on in Japan.

And this morning, i try to get the news about the quake and the Tsunami strucked. i know that Japan is the country who experienced many disasters before but this is my first time to see Japan in such situation.

First, the quake with 8.7 richter is enough to destroy a building and followed by a 10m tsunami. And now, they are worrying if the nuclear reactor explode. We know that Japan had been suffered from many diseases caused by radiation. And if there is radiation leakage, they will experience it again. Not only that, they have to think how to rebuild the country again.

I am really dissappointed as i cannot do anything to help them. But, i am really envy them. Even there is a tragedy, they will always help each other and solve it calmly. Of course they are sad and carry so much pressure, they handled it in cool way.

In my religion, we believe that the God will only testing people who can facing it. In this case, i believe Japan is the one who can facing this tragedy, not even my country. Of course the destruction and the death cannot be avoided but i know there will be a good thing come after this tragedy. Maybe not this time but someday, it will be.Surely.



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