kohaku uta gassen and Japan Record Awards:The Showdown

Kohaku and Japan Record Awards? What is that?

Just like other music award and festival, Kohaku and JRA are the event hold in Japan at the end of the year.

JRA is the major music award in Japan and it is not restricted by genre (based on wiki).

Kohaku in other hand, is an annual music show and only the best artists will be invited on the show.

I’ve checked the list of nominees for the award and also the list of artists that will be perform in Kohaku and it is tough competition actually.

For the award, there is no award for specifics genre and it is open for any artists listed. And of course, only successful artists in this year have the chance.

For Kohaku, there will be more competition since the line up this year is really tough.

For me, i am happy because AKB48  will be in both event. If they are not the winner, i’m still proud of them because they are doing well this year. To see AKB48 with other artists compete each other is really interesting.  I hope, they will grab this chance to improve themselves for next year. AKB!!!!Fight-oh!

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