Preview of AKB48 Beginner’s tracks

OK. I don’t have any reason for doing this but i just want to spend some times on this.

I’ll start with the main song. Beginner. I’m sure you’ve heard all the tracks for this single since i do not put the mp3 here.
Basically, all the tracks in this single have their own strength and i like all of them.hehehe…
Different from before and more aggressive. When i listened this song for the first time, i knew that they have some messages to tell even though i don’t know the meaning of the song. When it comes to the PV, it suits well.
Boku no Dake Value. should i put this..?I like the song for no reason. Seriously. Maybe because the music too. I enjoy listening to the song.
Kimi no Tsuite.
A bit slow from Beginner and Boku no Dake value. At first, i don’t like the song. Yes, because i didn’t listen it well. For the second time, i like it. My thought on this song is, it is a warm song. i mean, whenever i listen to this song, i’ll smile. Maybe, this song will be my favourite song when i sad.
Nakeru Basho.
Same as Kimi no Tsuite. This song i think tell about AKB48 itselves. This song is motivated if you know the meaning of the song.
Conclusion, Beginner is different. It is one of the best piece of AKB48 and their management. Beginner and Boku no Dake Value will make you think about the future. About the yourself too. About what is life is. Kimi no Tsuite and Nakeru Basho will make you feel motivated when you are down, i think.
So, what do you think?

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