liverpool,the beatles and japanese…

first of all, look at the title. what is the link between these 3??
okay, i’m going to write something that different from my previous post, i think.
I go this idea when i read some articles about Jpop. Then, i remembered a chatting with my sis. 2 months ago, i have a chat with my sister and she told me about her trip to Manchester, Liverpool, Swiss…yeah, since she is studying at UK now. Then, she told me that there are many japanese in Liverpool compared to other places. I don’t know whether it is true or not since i haven’t been there but based on my sis’s story, it may be true.  I asked her “why”. But, she don’t have the answer. At the moment, I was thinking japanese like The Beatles very much. So, perhaps that was the reason. And yesterday, when i visited my favourite Jpop portal website, suddenly, i was thinking about that. I re-checked about Jpop history on Wikipedia. That was when I know the true reason. It stated that modern Jpop was inspired by The Beatles, which came from Liverpool. This group had influenced Jpop in early 60’s. Since i am a Jpop fan, i think by knowing this, my knowledge on my Jpop is increase. When i think back about my sis’s story, i can say japanese is the people, who will appreciate something when it comes to the history. They still remember about The Beatles who had inspired their modern Jpop until they become the second biggest market in the world.

p/s: I’m not sure if this is true but feel free to correct me if i’m wrong.

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