Thought on jpop..

JPOP or maybe i should put Japanese music. is what i want to write.erm…i don’t know but i just want to express my feeling towards Japanese music/Jpop that i love. i’ve been thinking of this since i read a forum about ‘what is your first encounter on Jpop’ (not sure the title). why? when i read the comment, it reminds me of my first experience with Jpop and i like that time (^_^)v.
when i was little, i’d like to watch anime so much such as Sailormoon, Slamdunk, Dragon Ball and the list goes on..and i would listen to the opening and ending song of that anime but i don’t know how to find the mp3. at the same time, my family don’t use the internet yet and i don’t know what the INTERNET is!!
i think, it was 10 years ago.
when i was in junior school, i started to know about internet, japanese drama and of course, more anime songs. thanks to my sister, she tought me how to use internet and she always brought me to internet cafe. i remembered, my first ever japanese drama that i watched that time was ‘Beautiful Life’ starring Kimura Takuya. Then, came ‘Proud’ and some jdorama but i cannot remember the title. That was the main source for me to watch jdorama but not today. And my ability at that time that i was proud of is how to download mp3.hahaha!!!it’s so funny. i don’t know why but i am really really happy and proud of myself when i successfully downloaded any mp3 from internet.
around 2006-2007, the TV station started to screen Korean dramas and that time was my obsession toward Kdramas. but, i still love to watch anime and listen to japanese songs. around that years, i started to listen to korean music and i think i’d become kpop fan  also. i was surrounded by a community which was obsesses with korean things. they was listening to kpop and watching kdramas. but, at that  time, kpop music is different compared to kpop music nowadays. the music is all about romance which is also like kpop today but the rhythm and the music is not.
until i was in high school, i knew a friend. She is one of my source to know more about Jpop, anime and jdorama. i think, it was my first step to step out of Kpop and get more into Jpop. Truly, i don’t have much friends to share about Jpop and when i knew her, i got the chance. But, she isn’t a hardcore Jpop fan but more into Kpop. Her favourite group is DBSK. But, she know more about Jpop than me. From her, i know about Arashi, Kat tun, HSJ, Ayumi Hamasaki and others and from her also i got some Japanese songs. Not only Jpop, but also Jrock. She recommended me some jdorama and tought me how to download drama. And, my ability is getting better again. I tried to download Hana Yori Dango for the first time and it’s worked! I was very happy!!
After i finished my high school, i was in long holiday. It was about 5 months until i further my studies in college. Along the holiday, i’d spent my time doing research on Jpop. I watching many jdoramas and downloaded the songs. I searched through Youtube about Jrock and from that i knew about visual kei. I read Jpop websites such as Jpopasia and Jpop communities. Until one day, when i watched Ikemen Idol, i like the main actress. That was my first experience and my first time i heard about AKB48 which i like it now!!
From mp3, i downloaded whole single and album from various Japanese artists, i keep udating their news, keep udating new jdorama and downloaded it. For AKB48, i downloaded their TV show AKBINGO every week.
Around that time also, i knew about Hallyu wave. About Kpop. But, my acception is different from before. Their music is different, their style is something that i think weird and i noticed one thing. They put so much effort on the choreography. That is my second step for me to step out of Kpop. But, that what makes them famous. Everyone love them. For me, i don’t feel anything. Just leave them.
Then, i read some articles. Jpop vs Kpop. From the comments, there are many hated comments to Jpop. People who like Jpop will be thumbs down. Kpop fans bashing Jpop. From that point, i tried to find out what is so special about Jpop. Why i like it so much? Why i didn’t turn into Kpop fans even my close friend is fan of them?
The reason is, Jpop is unique. Something that you cannot find in other music scene. Japanese music is wide and diverse. Maybe because i’ve been listening to it since little but it’s not just it. Maybe their music aren’t sound internationally but i still like it. Sound like childish or like 80’s is something that most people cannot accept. But, not many artist or song-writers can produce a song like that. Just listen to japanese idol group like AKB48 and Momusu. If you want to make a song like that, you need to have a singer that have high pitch and sound like anime. And that’s what japanese have. They have people that have voice such in anime.
Cuteness. Japan is the country that appreciate cuteness. You don’t have to make any cute face to make people said you are cute. But, many people in other country cannot accept cuteness thing. They are more into hot female groups rather than female group that wearing school uniform.
Kakkoii. For male only. In jpop, most of male artists are thin. They don’t look sexy or masculine but just kakkoii is enough to make them topped the chart.
Genre. Jpop fans know it. They are so much genre in Japanese music industry and not only Jpop, but also Jrock, j-urban, j-hip hop, j-ska etc. SO WHAT? these genres are able to be listed on the chart. Not only Jpop. You may not a fan of Jpop but more into Jrock. Then, you can find many artists and bands on this genre. There are also sub genres of jrock and one of them is visual-kei.
Lyrics. YES. Obviously. Most of japanese songs are ‘valuable’ because of the lyrics. The lyrics tell us about peace, society, challenging, moral and about what is life IS. Maybe Japan is one of the most porn country but yet, they still show how valuable is their music.
Style. From JE to AKB48, X Japan to Alice Nine, Namie Amuro to Daichi Miura. All of them represent what is japanese music and Japanese itself. Visual-kei is something for me that resemble cosplay. Their make-up is unique. JE boys famous with their hairstyle and costumes in stage.
X-Factor. The reason why i like Jpop is this. SOme of them aren’t talented but with this x-factor, they have become an idol. People are not perfect but they have something that others didn’t have. And this is what Jpop artists have. Something that come naturally from themselves.
Lastly, the soul. Despite all of the reasons, this is the most important part. What i respect and like the most is japanese artist can maintain the Jpop soul in their songs. Sure, things must be changing and same goes to Jpop. But, they can put the soul in the songs is the best thing in Jpop. Means, they are able to maintain they identity. And i hope it will remain forever..

3 thoughts on “Thought on jpop..

  1. I personally like kpop and jpop. I’ve always found it fascinating how fans of each fight with each other…

    Anyways, if you’re looking for some news for jpop, here’s a good blog for it: tokyofever . com

  2. I loved reading about your story ^_^

    As someone who loves Japanese music with a passion, I can understand where your coming from.

    Personally, I used to love Kpop but now, not so much. Anything after early 2009 has been horrible (idol music, i mean). And I’m tired of Kpop fans only focusing on idol music as though there’s all there is to Korean music when it’s not. There are great TRUE artists in Korea, but most international fans don’t care about them. It’s why I don’t even deal with Kpop fans who try and tell me that Kpop is better than Jpop because all they can compare Japanese music to is idol music.

    Either way I listen to both and I while I obviously prefer Jpop over Kpop, I’m tired of the “which is better” thing going on. the real question is, What about CPop??!! LOL

    (Also, wow, you named alot of artists that I really like)

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