akb48 17th single heavy rotation

first of all, congrats to akb48 becoz their latest single, Heavy Rotation managed to sell more than 300k for the first day.omedetou!

okay, now i want to give my opinion on it(as usual).actually, i just knew about the sale yesterday when i online.then i searched for akb news then i found about it.actually, i forgot about the release date but luckily, i’m not too late.

honestly, i have the same feeling for this single as ponytail to shushu. i thought this single will never sell more than 300k.why?
because this single is very controversial.same as ponytail, there was a lot of negative comments about this single. so, when i checked the sale, i’m totally shocked!

but, yes..the first day sale does not surpass ponytail.less than 10k from previous one.but i think it is okay.no senbatsu ticket in it.and for the second day, yes.68k and the total sale now had surpass ponytail. i don’t know how can they reach for the first week because it is unpredictable for me.

heavy rotation, for me is better than ponytail, i think. i just don’t like the pv. the song is better because the message is clear and i’m enjoying the song. just to mention, i like Lucky 7 pv. seriously. i think the concept is unique.PIRATE. this is rare. that’s why i think it’s better than ponytail. i hope they can have more unique concepts in next single.

okay, that’s all about this single.i hope, they can beat Ponytail for the first week. and hopefully, they will come in school uniform for the next one!

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