tadaima~~~~~that’s what i want to say after a long long time i don,t update my blog.okay, first of all,i’m happy becoz i’m on holiday!!!yatta!!!!
secondly, i just checked about akb48 latest single, Heavy Rotation.erm….i read the articles about the cover.they said it is erotic.honestly, i don’t like the cover too.sorry to say~then, i listened to their song.then…DAME!!!!!!!I LIKE THE SONG!!!!!that is my first impression.okay,so what?i think the song is great.better that ponytail to shushu.but i still don’t like the cover.but,whatever it is,as long as the song can make me happy or don’t spoil my mood,it’s good.hehehe…but i hope,their next single they will wear their uniform again.

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