Total sale for the first week of ponytail to shushu

okay, let’s go to the i mentioned before on my post, i stated that Ponytail to shushu managed to sale 354k on the first day.and today, i checked the total number for the first week and once again,i am shocked!!!500k!!!isn’t it cool??!!well, i think so.hehehe…
but, there are some problems here~…(-_-)
there are some negative rumors about this,  i don’t say it’s from the haters!!
some articles said that this single doesn’t deserved that amount of the sale.erm….i don’t know what to say but maybe yes and maybe not.
i do agree if people said that the song, Ponytail to shushu is not great as River and Sakushio. but, when i think back, maybe Japanese people have different taste from us which come from another country. it just my opinion. for me, even this song is not good as Sakushio and River, i found that this song is harmony and it’s just enjoyable to hear it.erm…in other words, i’m actually feel happy when listening to this song.
then, people said that the sale just because of the Senbatsu Election.yeah…maybe one of the reason.i think, this is one of the strategies made for this single.and u need to know, Aki-p is not stupid.i’m sure he know what he’s doing.
but…maybe u guys don’t know why this single reached just come into my mind.i think that is because one of the single, Majijio Teppen Blues.yes,perhaps..when i watched the PV, i knew that’s why they sold over 300k.because the PV tell us what happen in Majisuka Gakuen, their drama.if u watching the drama, then u want to know what exactly happen after the last episode.again, it just my opinion.^^
so..that’s what i want to say.i think they deserved it.they work hard to get what they got now.maybe,this is their time.

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