omedetou AKB!!!!!!

this might be too late for me to post this but i hope i still not too late to wish them CONGRATULATION!!!!!

2 days ago, i’ve got a chance to surf internet after class ended.and of course…i remember about their latest single.hehehe…i want to know how much copies will sold out.then….i found out!!!!!!yatta!!!!

they sold 354 403!!!!!majide???!!!!majidaiyo!!! i was totally shock when i look at the number!!honestly, i never expected that this single will sold that much.but of course i’m happy for them.^^

then i watched Majijyo Teppen Blues….i like it!!!

it’s so fun!!i want to download the PV when i go home!again, for AKB, u guys had proved that ur “majidaiyo” makes u great!!!!!

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