suddenly i feel bit sad becoz i have to go to not sad becoz i have to study but i have to stay at hostel.that’s the reason.i’m getting nervous too.but,i don’t want to say about this.what if i talk about something happy???erm….sounds good..hehehe…yesterday, i read the interview for Takeru Sato and his besfriend,Haruma Miura. well, ac Takeru is my fav actor!!!i like him so so much!!!one of the question asked to them is

Junon: what flower do u see each other?

takeru: miura gotta be yellow flower of some tulip or sunflower….

miura: takeru probably a rose,but that’s not right…

when i read the question, i said to myself that i want takeru to be lavender becoz i like lavender.then……

takeru:me?wouldn’t lavender makes sense??

u know what..i’m seriously excited to the MAX when read that!!!!i want to scream louder and louder and louder but i can’t becoz my family already slept.huhuhu….then i just trying to keep silent.i tried to control my excited.aaaa…….im just too happy.^^ why not?what i thinking same as what he said.^//^ HAHAHAHA!!!!!if u were me,what will u feel???u must be happy too..(n_n)now, i feel relieve.just a little.but it’s okay..then, i watch ponytail to shushu full PV and it’s makes me happy too!okay,that’s all.hehehe

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