ponytail to shushu~akb48 16th single

i’m just watching ponytail to shushu full PV and it’s surprisingly great!!!!seriously!!!this PV i think will make u laugh and smile a lot when u watch it.try it!!!!i like this PV so much even there are some scene that ****(not suit for kids,hehehe…)but seriously i like this PV!why???
first,the plot in interesting and funny.second, they smile a lot in the PV. i think u guys should watch the full PV.i downloaded it from rezaprof.
all girls in this PV is good.all of them.no excluded.takamina,yuko and kojiharu washing car,miichan,erena and atsuko meet when miichan and erena buy ice cream, matsui jurina take a ride together with mayuyu and kitahara,mariko and sae at the beach and yukirin,myao and akicha eating pizza.aaaaa~~~~~~~~…feel very happy now!!!
now,i’m just waiting for the release to download the single.^^

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