2 days more…

2 days left for me then i’ll say sayonara to my 4 months holiday.why?????becoz i will go to the college and start to study and be a student..again..like i said before in my post,i’ll left my daily life during the holiday such as facebooking,blogging and other “ing”..hehehe…i have to stop it for a while becoz i need to focus on my study.i dun want the same thing happen to me like what happened before.i have to get excellent result which i can apply for japan scholarship.yea!!!!that’s what i aiming for!!!but maybe it’s not easy for me.the syllabus that i should study for 2 years is shorten to 1 year only.so,there will be alot of things that i need to catch up.i dun have any choices but to strunggle.may God bless me and guide me.
btw,i have new account for Twitter.hehe…just for fun.i wnt to try it becoz lot of people using it now.but,i dun have any followers becoz my friends dun have it.

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