scary dreams…

i dun know what’s going on to me but lately..i’m always had bad dream.act,it’s not always but in one week,i had two.arghh!!!!it was so scary!i never experienced this.this is my first first, i thought it won’t happen again becoz whenever i got a bad dream,it will took a long period to happen again..well,this is just my thought.not the actual fact.but this time,is sooooo different and sooooooooo weird.ok,my first dream,it involved my family and i dun want to talk about it.but,in that dream…i was crying becoz…..

then, the second dream which happened to me yesterday,ahh……in that dream, i’m still a student and gathering around with my friends, gossip, chit chat…but, i dun know what school was it. Totally different to my school. Then, while i was talking with my friends, i saw a gardener. Act, it should be normal to see gardener in school but…that gardener, caught my attention. But, i just let it go…after that, i went to the toilet, located near to the place for gardener to rest. i dun know how to describe it. When i was in the toilet, something weird happened. When i looked at the mirror in front of me…the gardener stood behind me!!seriously,at that time,i was shocked.then,i looked again at the outside to see if the gardener was there or not. And…again, i’m shocked!! She was there but how can i saw her stood behind me??!!! Fine, i ignored it. But,that thing wasn’t stop there. After i saw the gardener and she was disappeared from my image, i saw a man, stood behind me. “what’s going on?” i said to myself. i was confused at that time. That man staring at me. His expression scared me. He was holding a crosier. Then, i saw him said something like whispering to me. i dun understand his words but i think it’s siamese. After that, i get out from the toilet and return to my friends. Suddenly, one of them said something about ghost. i forgot what she said. Honestly, i want to tell them what just happened to me. At the same time, i sat oppose to the mirror. When i started to talk, i saw that man again in the mirror. He was staring at me. It was like he don’t want me to tell anybody about this thing. i ignored him. Then, he whispered again. At the moment, i felt pain on my body..i tried to fight it and tell them but…i cannot. i cannot say any word. That man grabbed my hand. i tried to push him with all my effort but it was useless. he was so heavy! Then, i gave up. i didn’t tell them. Becoz of that incident, i was sent home. i want to find someone that can heal me. i want to know who was that man.i dun know home..he still followed me. One day, while i was driving, i looked at the side mirror and…i saw him again!!shit!! But this time, he changed his face. My image at the mirror became blurr. His face..unimaginable!!!! And becoz of that, i was near to get accident with another car..then, i arrived in a place. Unknown place. But, i heard that that was the place where i can meet someone that can heal me. And at the same time, i woke up..

i hope i wouldn’t get bad dream again..

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