kpop fans piss me off!!!

seriously…it’s not that i hate them,but after reading their comments in youtube,allkpop and other articles, it’s annoying me!maybe,i should not say this.yeah..ppl have their right to like something or not but please show some respect.maybe u will ask me why i read those comments if i dun like it.ok,it’s because the main topic for those articles and news, focus on japanese’s okay if u dun like jpop or other japanese artists,but u dun have to bashing on them.respect them as wut u did to your kpop artists.i know,most people cannot listen to japanese songs becoz their music is different from kpop.honestly,from wut i have seen,MOST of kpop fans are very extreme and too rude when they give their comment on japanese song/artist.if u dun like it,just say that i dun like it.but,they aren’t.kpop fans would say that jpop artist is ugly,gay,cannot sing or dance,try to act cool or cute and this and they are totally loser.come on…u should not say something like that.ugly???who are you to say they are ugly??i read some comments on allkpop site about the rumors that JE want to open their office in Korea.most of the comments about it totally against it.they said “japanese artists are not welcoming to Korea” ,”go to hell”, “this is becoz most korean artists success in jap industry”…bla…bla…for me,all this comments showed that the fans are narrow minded.i dun know why kpop fans always hate jpop.ppl that like jpop are always thumbs down by kpop just a rumors.and if it true,why??why dun u give them a chance?why dun u support them as jap ppl support kpop artists in their industry??did u see any jpop artists say “get out from here!u are not welcoming to jpn!” to kpop artists?no,right??why they allowed kpop artists to debut in jpn?becoz it will be a good opportunity to improve themselves.they can compete each other to bacome better.frankly said..i used to be kpop fans but now im not.i hate it when ppl condemn other ppl as if they are perfect.kpop fans..sorry to say this.for me,kpop fans cannot accept it when their idols are criticized by jpop fans.i know,it is normal for u to get angry,but dun u consider the feeling that jpop fans had when u criticize jpop artists???i dun see jpop fans said rudely on ur idols.but,u are always being rude towards them.u always think that kpop is the best in da world and no one can beat them.all ppl must listen to that wut u want?maybe u think that kpop is the best becoz they are cute,handsome,hot,can sing and dance very well compare to jpop.if that wut u think, is ur opinion.but,why dun u accept other ppl opinion on kpop that against urs??when jpop fans said that jpop music is unique,why u must be angry?u are angry when some ppl said some jpop artists are better than kpop artists.huh…i dun know wut kpop artists feel if they read ur rude comments..u should open ur mind.if u r truly fans,then u should respect others if u want to be respect.

One thought on “kpop fans piss me off!!!

  1. You use to be a kpop fan who were you a fan of…I use to be a jpop fan. I’ve been an obssessed fan of anime every since i was 11. eventually i came to know jpop artists and their music was fun..I loved yamapi and news and would download subbed videos all the time. Then Bigbang came out in japan and i was like what the hell is this..I fell in love with gdragon at first site. Since then i’ve been a huge fan of the kpop industry. Their variety shows are hilarious they vocal skills are amazing and their dance skills are WOW. There is also k-rock, and k-hiphop too. Not all kpop fans are the same..but when you tell someone jpop is better than kpop the fan has to defend. Their is nothing wrong about being passionate for your favorite group..but when it becomes rude its going too far. I apologize on behalf of those crazy kpop fans..but honestly were not all like that.We just prefer different types of music nothing wrong in that right?
    Favorite KPOP goups
    Brown eyed girls
    Not a big fan of dbsk, snsd, and kara their alright though lol!!!
    Jpop artists I still like
    I think jpop solo artists are better than their groups though
    like Utada Hikaru, and Namie A.
    Jpop artists i use to like
    Hey say jump(I feel like johnny is holding them back)
    Arashi(Their getting way to scared it might explode on them)
    Kanjani 8 (they should be serious more often their song Life was amazing)

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