majisuka gakuen 10

i had watched the latest subbed ep for majisuka gakuen.the episode is getting sad where Atsuko remember her past with Minami and Sado worrying about Yuko’s condition.honestly,i feel sad becoz Takamina was dead.and now Yuko is getting worse due to her disease.i think Atsuko and Sado are same.Yuko is very important person to Sado and Minami was Atsuko’s bestfriend.Atsuko’s past was very sad.the reason why Atsuko want to become a nurse is becoz of Minami.Minami said that she want to be a nurse and stop fighting.Minami also said that if she could be more serious,she can be a nurse.and that’s why Atsuko always reacted to word “serious”.Minami said that there’s nothing in this world but serious.and Yuko,she said that she hate when Sado looks all weak and she want Sado to not to be hesitate.these were also said by Minami to next ep,Sado will fight with Atsuko.i dun know what will happen but i hope that they will unite.

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