it’s been a while since my last post.gomen for myself coz i dun have time to update my blog.act,im busy with my new blog..but it’s not wordpress,it is livejournal.i made new account after i deleted the old, i need to be fair to both of my blogs.^^so,now im gonna make a name for my wordpress and LJ.huhuhu..erm..wut should i call them???yokai!!how about ryuchan and kyun??,wut should i write on both of it??should i put the same thing or not??depends on my now,my ryuchan still safe coz no one know or become my,im free to write anything in my ryuchan but my kyun already have friends.but, it should be no problem coz i can make my post private,right??^^//so,if i want to post same thing in ryuchan and kyun i will make it and if im not,so i would not..hahaha…

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