JPOP vs KPOP.which one is better????

first of all, i am really sorry if this post would hurt kpop fans.

i have my reason why i write this. today, i dun know why, i tried to search in google about

“the difference between jpop and kpop”. maybe becoz,lately…korean artists;TVXQ/BIG BANG/SNSD/etc

they become famous all around asia or maybe europe or even america.

when i search about it,there are a lot of articles related to it.

after i read, the conclusion is kpop have more fans than jpop.but, this is not the fact.this is base on wut i read.

now, i want to give my opinion about this.

to compare JPOP and KPOP is not fair,actually…yeah,becoz both of it have their own style.

frankly said,i am JPOP fans.and i dun like, when i read those articles,i feel like….(i dun know how to say it)


1.most of KPOP fans very emotional when they give comment.

one of them said,”all KPOP girls group can hit the chart after debut in japan.hope they can kick ass of MM and AKB48″

so,this is wut i’m gonna say..

KPOP artists is very famous lately.i’m not denying it.they good at dancing,have good vocals,and maybe good looking.

but people, u need to know that their music is same.i mean,they don’t have variety of music.

i remember about one comment i read.he said that KPOP is better,have good music,JPOP is sucks and wutsoever.

okey,it’s fine.but, i think KPOP fans don’t know that JPOP have of them is JROCK.

maybe,JPOP don’t have many fans compared to KPOP, but JROCK is widely known.

then, about fashion and style.some KPOP fans said that JPOP copying KPOP. i think this is totally ridiculous.

wut i know,japan also known as the fashion this case,US and europe are not included.

people know that japan always have the latest style or fashion.not just their clothes,but also their hairstyle.

i always watched japanese drama and i know their hairstyle is always changing.their hairstyle is not similar to KPOP or any korean


try to watch GOKUSEN/KAMEN RIDER W or JPOP band;HSJ/KAT TUN or akb48 PV(namida surprise) and compared with KPOP artists’s


about KPOP is better than JPOP. i dun think so.most people know KPOP and their band/group but they don’t know whole of japanese music.

korean music for me is just the same.first time i listening to KPOP,i admit that their dancing is awesome but their music is not.

i mean,it just same range.TVXQ,GIRLS GENERATION,BIG BANG,2PM,’s all same!

but,not for JPOP.why????

i give u example.

1. ARASHI.listen to their song BELIEVE and ASHITA NO KIOKU.what do think?

2.AKB48(SAKURA NO SHIORI,MAJISUKA ROCK N ROLL,RIVER,AKB48)these 4 songs is totally different.



or maybe u should listen to anime songs.why not?anime songs also JPOP.

i’m not trying to defend JPOP or what…but,this is true.

KPOP fans said JPOP vocals are not good.yes,some of them are not good.but,because they have different arrangement of music,this is their credit.

if u always listen the same type of music,u will get boring.

next,their looking.i dun want to give any opinion about this.but,i prefer japanese guy and japanese girl.maybe

becoz of their characters.

and one thing,u need to know that japanese music is the second largest market after US.

that’s all my opinion.

31 thoughts on “JPOP vs KPOP.which one is better????

  1. Hi,

    Was surfing around to find information NEWS sakura girl, and chanced by your blog, got really interested in this post.

    I agree with you totally that Jpop and Kpop are quite different, and to be fair I don’t think we can say Kpop is better. I am big fan of Jpop music actually, because I also feel that the singers try different genre of music constantly and gave us surprises. To me, I don’t think Jpop copies Kpop, instead there are times when I think Kpop is trying to copy Jpop.

    Anyway, Japanese singers didn’t really target overseas market so their fanbase mostly are from Japan, whereas Kpop always try to venture overseas market, especially Japan market. we can’t really compare their fanbase like this. I may be wrong in this opinion of mine though.

    But Jpop, Jrock and anime music are really good!!

    • like ur comment..hehe..(^_^)
      me too..i dun want to say KPOP copying JPOP but i always thinking like that..hahah..

      “But Jpop, Jrock and anime music are really good!!”
      like this..2x

      anyway, SANKYUU~ 4 ur comment!!!

  2. Hi!
    I’m just happen to stumble on this post and got interested with the topic.
    I can’t really express my opinion coz i’m a total jpop follower. *kpop dont impress me, sorry*
    I just wanna say each people have their own preferences, so for me, no one is better than the other.
    each have their own distinctive styles.
    so fans, stop bashing and comparing each other.
    for me, jpop is my favourite. =)

  3. I fell in love with jpop first and still am a fan of jpop but lately I’ve been listening to more kpop. You make a very valid point when you say at some points, kpop is kind of the same. Like it’s nothing new. But at the same time, it’s not always that way. Some artist really bring diversity. Now I’m both a fan of kpop and jpop (leaning more to the jpop side) but I agree that kpop and jpop are on two different levels. You can try to compare them, but in the end it boils down to personal preference and what influences you.

    Anyway great post πŸ™‚

  4. hi !!
    stoppin by !! πŸ™‚

    i agree with u !!

    i first listen to kpop and i admit i got addicted but a few moths
    later i got tired listening to it so that time i tried some jpop songs
    but when i started listening jpop song i feel like
    ” OMG !! this is better than kpop !!! ”

    then now , most of my songs in my phone are jpop ..

    here in philippines, kpop is more popular than jpop ..
    but maybe if filipinos started to listen some jpop
    i’ll be sure they will love it !!!

    • thanks for your comment..^o^

      in malaysia too,kpop is really popular and some even don’t know about jpop.i don’t expect they would like jpop but sometimes,when i said i love jpop,they were like,”you like jpop??” and i look like an alien to them..haha

      • oh im from malaysia too and i could say that maybe 60% of my friend dont know about jpop…lol
        and at first i was into jpop..then couse my friend i got addicted to kpop and now back to jpop,,,-,-
        just like u said it sound the same and you’ll get bored of it…
        but now i think im into visual kei…XD

  5. I’m a fan of two, but.. I don’t really agree in what you’ve said.
    You said you hate Kpop right? You’re not even a fan though.
    So why would you understand Kpop artists?
    Yes, they’re good in dancing. And a lot more. They’re also good with their musics.
    They can’t be an idol if they don’t know how to sing. .___.

    • yes.i’m not their fan and i don’t like it. but i don’t hate it. i’d listened to their song before. back then, kpop have good songs. but now, i just can see the copies of western music. of course, jpop also inspired from US but they have their own identities which i cannot see in Kpop music.

      as i said, i admit they are good at dancing and have good vocal but their music aren’t. of course, some of them aren’t but most of them,yes. and sometimes, i can’t understand what the heck they are singing about for example, a-cha(SJ).

      and i don’t think to be an idol, they must be good at dancing and singing. most of Kpop fans will take this as a point. for me, to be an idol, you have to know how to entertain people in various way. same happened to jpop idol. some of them aren’t good at vocal but they have talent to be a good entertainer.

  6. Also, Kpop idols had been trained for 5 years and a lot more. They can’t be an idol and become popular if they don’t have any talent. You’ll never understand it unless you’re a fan.
    I was once a Jpop addict. But now, after becoming a fan of Kpop But… I seriously do prefer Kpop way more.

    • JPOP was the first one but they were not called JPOP before they were called enkai but some has catchy beat esp during the 80’s If I remember correctly opening songs of anime were really catchy and were called now pop Voltes V opening try to listen to it if you know the anime Nintama Rantarou their opening song is still alive until today.

  7. most of my friends who say jpop sucks have never actually heard any Japanese/anime song in their life, and the kpop fans and jpop fans got really biased in their preference. I’m glad someone finally writes up something with good reasons to back it up.

  8. best answer for “why KPOP also famous in japan OR make japanese version”, it’s because market in japan is larger (also tough) than in korea. we can see from top chart every week. KPOP song can stay in top chart(Mnet) more than 1 week easily, but top chart in Japan (Oricorn) is different story, u will always see alot of new song every week, it’s (very) hard to stay in oricorn chart.

    FYI, im fan of KPOP, JPOP, JROCK,, Kdrama, Kdrama, etc. There is some things that korea is better, japan also have some shortage (in my opinion), maybe because japan have their own style compare to korea, from what i see their orientation is american + japan style. And if i must choose then overall JAPAN is better.

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  11. I totally agree with you
    To be fair, I won’t even compare them, the reason why I don’t like kpop is due to those really hardcore kpop fans, they just love insulting Japan music….

  12. I have friends who like k-pop. Because of that I try my hardest not to hate it. I really agree on your opinion about k-pop and j-pop. For me I love j-pop not only because the unique music like KAT-TUN’S( >_< )but I also like their lyrics. I usually download songs with meaningful lyrics but if the music is great it will do.

  13. yes, your right .when we watching KPOP MV it’s kind of like USA(clothes,dancing moves etc)just listen to KPOP songs properly It’s USA but only deference is language.BUT in JPOP they have there ow styles.

  14. i wouldn’t say that K pop is like watching something out of USA because both genres of music are extremely different i mean who can blame K pop trying to be modern. Can i just say there is something called k rock as well, bands like cnbule and trax are very famous ones and cnblue has also made it to the Japanese market as well. I am a hardcore k pop fan and i do agree i can go to quite extremes to defend K pop but that does not mean i will bash J pop because of it . Its just all i see in J pop is half assed dancing and the act of being cute.Can i say when i listen to J pop i always listen to the Exile tribe i love them so much my fav member is Netsmith πŸ˜€ Can anyone tell me a band where its not all about being cute or silly hand gestures and not in school uniforms or bikinis (errr) also i forgot to mention AAA I also love them. k thank you

    • it’s up to you how you want to think about Jpop. Well, from my experience as a Jpop fan, most of them aren’t supposed to be perfect at dancing nor dancing. This is applied to female idol, mostly. For the reason of being cute, Japan is known for their appreciation to the cuteness. In J-idol market, cuteness is somewhat essential for the fans. Some of the band/group aren’t really acting cute and do weird hand gestures such as Happiness, Scandal(band),Stereopony and so on.

  15. In the Philippines Pizzicato Five – sweet soul revue, Globe – feel like dance! are one of the Kick ass songs from the 90’s… and lets put in Utada Hikaru, Do As Infinity, Laruku, Siam Shade, Asian Kungfu Generation, Voltes V and other Anime and JPop/Jrock songs to complete the playlist.

  16. actually i love both kpop and jpop….im use to listen to jpop first and then bigbang debuting and my sister intoduce it to me and i start to get into kpop…yah,actually it is really not fair people keep saying kpop is boring,actually they are kind a boring,it is because of one think,mass produce.there is to many group debuting at the same time sometimes i get fed up and only update the first generation of kpop.what i mean that people criticize kpop because it is boring,it is actually only the first layer of korean music,there is also khiphop,ballad……then u can say that kpop is a pop genre,it a genre of course it will sound the same.i think korean most strong genre is ballad…before this kpop thing gon viral,korean a very famous for their ost of their very very famous drama…there is a song that stuck on my mind when im still a kid….and im still searching for the song!!i also into korean hip hop lately,like tiger jk,dok2,dynamic duo etc.don get me wrong i also love japanese song,one of my favourite nu metal band is maximum the hormone!!they rockz!!and im in love with utada hikaru songs hehe

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