AKB team in drama!!!

i’ve finished watching AKB’s drama…ep 1 till 4.huhu…seriously,never thought that they will have their own drama..
well,so far..i think that drama is quite good.oppss….i’m forget bout that..the drama’s title is MAJISUKA GAKUEN.
i dun know how long or how many episode of the drama becoz it is still airing..
if i’m not mistaken,the first ep was airing on 8/1/10.

the drama is actually about delinquent student..u know,first time i watched it,i think it is funny.well,imagine this..the girl group that always make cute face and funny..and something like that suddenly become wild and serious,plus they have their gang and bullies other student.i have no idea about this..

but,still i will be waiting for the next ep to download and watch it..the plot is interesting and i want to know what is the relationship between Takamina and Matsuko Aeda..

if u’d like to download the drama, u can view this link’s site..


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